Canadian Astronaut Answers Over 2,000 Questions From Space, Describes Experience

Social media not only help people connecting with other people and sharing information with them, but also help space people to connect with Earth people and share their experiences. Recently, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who is currently at the International Space Station (ISS) took part in a question and answer session, and revealed details about life in space on Reddit.

Chris Hadfield

On Sunday (February 17), astronaut Chris Hadfield used a laptop to connect with people on Earth via Reddit from 220 miles (354 km) above Earth. Hadfield joined Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session and answered more than 2,000 questions through chatting. During the question-answer session, he said that his favorite thing to do in the space station is to “simply fly” from one end of the station to the other. He also said that the scariest thing he has seen in space was a “large meteor burning up.”

A person asked him, “What does space smell like?” and he answered “The vacuum of space has no smell, but when we come in from a spacewalk the airlock smells like ozone, or gunpowder. It likely comes from the gentle off-gassing of the outer metal and fabric of our suits.”

Another user asked him about how does he “shave in zero gravity” and he answered, “I shave with cream and a standard multi-blade, just wipe it on a cloth every time, works fine.”

He also discussed how to “fly” in the ISS, saying, “Push off and glide magically to the other end of the station. It makes me smile to myself, every time. I’m still learning! But sometimes now, I am graceful. I feel like an adapted ape swinging through the jungle canopy… until I miss a handrail and crash into the wall.” He admitted that he hits his head in the station about “once a day.”

A users asked, “How the world looks from space?” Hadfield replied, “It looks like a carpet of countless tiny perfect unblinking lights in endless velvet, with the Milky Way as a glowing area of paler texture.”

Though he answered to many questions, he ignored some questions related to “masturbation”. He also didn’t answer when he was asked “If you fart in a spacesuit, can you smell it?” or “Can you explain the Prometheus plot?”

Source: Reddit
Thanks To: Washington Times

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