Catholic Church Announces New Pope On Twitter

Pope Benedict XVI recently gave up his position due to different health concerns. The Catholic Church had been busy these past few weeks trying to find an apt successor. Now it has one and apparently, the Church decided to use Twitter to announce the new Pope Francis.

Pope Francis I

Amid all the hubbub of the conclave and the anticipation by the ‘believers’ around the globe, the people at Vatican were still able to manage a quick log in and announcement of the big news on Twitter.

The exact tweet that was sent out read, “HABEMUS PAPAM FRANCISCUM” which means ‘We have a Pope, Francis.’ The new Pope, is in fact Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. What is very significant about the election of Pope Jorge Mario is that he would be the first ever Jesuit Pope.

However, what is all the more significant about the election is the use of social media. The last Pope was seen to actively tweet, or at least someone managed the Pontifex account for him. And from the looks of it, the new Pope will also be making use of the account quite actively.

The social media finally seems to have registered its importance to the Vatican, who now seems eager to wield this new medium in reaching out to people and spread its message. For the casual non-believers, it would also serve as a good source of Vatican-related information.

Source: Pontifex

Courtesy: VentureBeat

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