Facebook Abandons Its @Facebook.com Email Service

Facebook‘s email service has been around for long while, originally introduced to let people receive emails in their Facebook inbox. It has been a failure and now, Facebook is abandoning the feature.


The service was launched back in 2010 and the idea behind it was to allow users to make their Facebook inbox the hub for their Facebook messages as well as emails. The idea didn’t really take off and Facebook inbox continues to be used solely for the messages from other Facebook users.

It was evident from the get-go that the email service is not going to work. One hint of this was that Facebook never really introduced some of the most critically important email components in the service, such as Subject Lines, carbon copies and a proper interface.

Facebook email

So the social network is inevitably trashing the whole idea. Going forward, any emails received on your @Facebook.com email addresses will be automatically forwarded to your primary email address. If you don’t have a primary email address set up on your Facebook account, any emails sent to your @Facebook.com account will be lost.

However, it is unlikely that anyone is going to lament this loss. The service is like one of those features which are there but are never mentioned when someone talks about Facebook, essentially meaning that they are never used. Facebook has been candid in its admission that, “Most people have not been using their @facebook.com email address.” It took the company a while but it finally realized that it should give up on the email service and rather focus on ‘improving our mobile messaging experience for everyone.’

Courtesy: The Verge

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