Facebook And eBay Announced E-commerce Partnership

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site. eBay is now making a relationship with Facebook to create new social shopping experience for Facebook users. They Announced this new partnership for making it the world’s largest Internet marketplace. eBay is integrating Facebook’s new Open Graph 2.0 functionality into its global commerce systems.

Facebook executive Katie Mitic said  that Facebook’s so-called Open Graph — the map of connections that Facebook users create with friends and online content — will be integrated “seamlessly” into applications developed with certain eBay services and technologies.

The largest social site Facebook is now linked into the largest commerce ecosystem. “This idea is to make e-commerce a more social experience”, says Matthew Mengerink general manager of X.commerce. It will have some 850,000 developers “out of the gate,” thanks to the existing developer communities at eBay units including PayPal, according to Matthew Mengerink.

The eBay has more than 850,000 developers and more than $60 billion is transacted on eBay annually, also you should know that eBay’s marketplace has 25 million sellers and 97 million active users globally.

It will be good step for developers and merchants. Now eBay’s developer community will be able to build social commerce applications on Facebook based on users’ preferences and enhance opportunities for buying and selling online and that allow users to go beyond merely “liking” products.

As I think Facebook is an ever-growing insidious intrusive program where privacy is a thing of the past. Once you go anywhere via Facebook, its cookies will track you everywhere, there is no hiding and your movements become Facebook’s and then open to Facebook’s users. It could be the reason of reduce their customer.

The two companies were working on new partnerships, that was the speculation of Mitic, head of Platform and Mobile Marketing at Facebook, joined eBay’s board of directors at the end of September.

Thanks, Photo Credit: tech2.in

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