Facebook Won Nearly $2 Billion From Suing Spammers

Spams are well enough to spoil your good mode instantly while you are using Facebook. Facebook is still in a constant battle against spammers trying to take advantage of its network, and it’s been fighting back against them in a number of different ways — including in the courts. However, lately Facebook has revealed that it has already sued various spammers and thus has “obtained nearly $2 billion in legal judgments.”

Facebook Spam

Facebook has been focusing on spammers who sell fake Likes, generally to businesses interested in boosting their popularity. Facebook has created tools that generally make fake Likes ineffective. In fact, Facebook said in its blog post that buying Likes will “do more harm than good” for a business’ page. The social media giant has also said that it has automated systems for detecting fake Likes, and that it’ll remove them when caught.


Until now, Facebook has sued various spammers and thus has “obtained nearly $2 billion in legal judgments.” The company is still trying to sue more spammers not because of earning more money, but because of users satisfaction. Now , the company is trying to improve its contents that it displays on users screen.

Source: Facebook Security

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