Hints Of Desktop Google Now Integration Found In Latest Chromium Version

Android users have been able to avail the Google Now feature for a while now. The code in the latest version of Chromium hints that this feature may also be on its way to the desktop platform.

Google Now

Google Now is a rather ambitious feature. It essentially aims at providing users with such information which they want before they can even ask about it. It may as well sound magic but given the huge amounts of information that Google can gather from users, it is not all that impossible.

However, the feature is still far from accurate and only in the coming years, can we hope that it would be any good to the users. Google has dished out a number of useful updates to the Google Now service in the recent past.

It has earlier been speculated that Google may decide to include this feature in its desktop offerings too. Whereas mobile users may remain the chief focus, Google is still the prime destination of a huge amount of desktop users and Google may not want to let go of them yet.

Hints of such a development have now been found in the code of the latest version of Chromium. These hints were spotted soon after the latest version was released. However, the piece of code that deals with the ‘Google Now’ service is still non-functional – so although Google may have plans of bringing the service to the desktop in the near future, it hasn’t decided to do so yet.

Source: Google+

Courtesy: The Verge

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