Facebook Now The Second Most Popular Website In UK, Overtakes Microsoft

Facebook is now the second most popular web destination behind Google and the social networking site has overtaken Microsoft’s combined websites in Britain for the first time. Facebook attracted 26.8 million visitors in May compared to 26.2 million who visited Microsoft and people age of 18s re less likely to visit Twitter than two years ago but more people in that age group are joining Facebook…………


Facebook, the ocial networking website revealed last week that it had reached more than 750 million users and clocked 26.8 million visits last month from UK members with a growing proportion coming from so-called silver surfers with their numbers almost doubling since 2009 and this social networking site became the second most popular website in the UK last month, overtaking Microsoft websites for the first time as large numbers of older users took to the social network, a new report from UKOM/Nielsen suggests. Facebook saw 26.8 million Britons visit its website in May, a new record for the social network, increasing 7% year on year. Microsoft’s MSN, WindowsLive and Bing sites saw 26.2 million visitors but Google still dominated in the UK with 33.9 million visitors last month. It seems that the over-50 demographic has assisted Facebook with its growth with older users visiting the social network more than under 50s over the last two years. The same demographic is also more likely to visit Twitter, but surprisingly under-18s were less likely than two years ago something that Facebook has not seen. Facebook has increased by 7 percent with 140 million visits in US and in Spain, it went up 7 percent, 18 percent in France, 72 percent in Germany and 26 percent in Italy. Reuters reports that elsewhere:

Facebook attracted 140 million visitors in the United States, up 12 percent. In Spain its numbers were up 7 percent, in France 18 percent, in Italy 26 percent and in Germany 72 percent.

Twitter’s visitor numbers rose 22 percent in the United States, 48 percent in France, 58 percent in Italy and more than doubled in Spain. But in Germany they fell by 11 percent.

UKOM/Nielsen monitored the online behaviour of about 50,000 people in Britain and similar numbers in the other countries. The panel was recruited both online and offline.



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