Facebook Needs Chinese Game Developers Despite Being Banned In The Country

Chinese not only have the largest number of internet users, but it has in them those users which know their way out when their government bans something, and more especially so for Facebook which has been banned in the country since 2009. According to Read Write Web, they have developed a software for Facebook due to its partnership with Chinese software developers. The Chinese game developers can also generate immense revenue growth due to the recent Facebook advertisements on its mobile app.

According to report in Bloomberg, Facebook claims China to be its largest Asian software partner. This means that one in every five apps is being developed by a Chinese. The Chinese developers are using the social networking site to communicate with the overseas market that holds better potential for them then it would be the case as under the Chinese government ban with no Facebook. It might happen that eventually for financial and economic reasons, the Chinese government would allow the Chinese developers and the Chinese people to use Facebook openly. If not for political reasons, but then for the growth of its own software and game developers.

One other thing that adds load to the Chinese government taking this measure of banning Facebook is the open accessibility to various sites’ and companies’ pages on Facebook which are otherwise banned. If the Chinese government would learn to censor Facebook, the way it does the worldwide web, then it might allow Facebook openly. But when Google faces so much trouble, how could Facebook get in, also when there are other search engines and social networks of Chinese origins available to replace them and fulfill the need. But what Facebook cannot do without is without the Chinese game developers for its mobile apps. There is no ban on making business like this.

Facebook has been putting its efforts for bringing outside developers. It spent $1.4 billion on outside developers last year and large portion of it is for game development. Social games are a big part of Facebook now and for Chinese game developers is an advantage. Just as long as Facebook maintains its partnership with the Chinese developers and let not other competitive social networks like Twitter and Google+ to grow in China, it can still feel safe. Both of these other social networks are also banned and social gaming is not that big on their platforms.


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    In our country, We commons have our own method to  access facebook.So do developers.

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