Facebook May Overhaul ‘Notes’ To Compete With Tumblr

Facebook ‘Notes’ have been around for nearly as long as the social network itself. In Facebook’s early days, Notes really did take off, but they have declined in popularity in recent times. Facebook may be on its way to regain its audience by overhauling ‘Notes’ and pitting it directly in competition with Tumblr.

Facebook Notes

Facebook has a billion-plus user base, a resource that puts it ahead of all other social media platforms. The key for the social network is to utilize this huge audience and hook it up effectively enough. When it comes to Notes, despite the huge audience, not many users like the feature or use it often enough.

On the other hand, there are other platforms which people prefer a lot more for expressing their thoughts. Facebook statuses may be apt to dish out regular updates but for a more detailed writing, people prefer the likes of Tumblr over Facebook Notes.

And therein lies Facebook’s weakness. The company’s quick-editing feature offer only a very few editing tools. Not only that, once you publish a Note on Facebook, it is not adequtely display, on your Profile page or on the Timeline of your friends. Tumblr, on the other hand, puts your latest post squarely at the top of your page, letting it get all the limelight.

There is a possibility that Facebook is cognizant of this and is currently working on it. The company acqui-hired Storylane back in March and we believe this acquisition may be geared by Facebook to improve on its Notes section. The social network was also trying to acquire Tumblr, we were told, although Yahoo beat Facebook to it.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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