Get Your Facebook Status Promoted Through Facebook ‘Highlight’ By Paying $2

Imagine that you are a really boring person with status updates which no one really cares to read. And that you wished you could make people notice your status updates oftener. Well, if are not getting any wittier or interesting, Facebook may have the right solution for you. It is called the new ‘highlight’ feature.

For long, Zuckerberg has been speaking of keeping Facebook open and free for all. However, many a cynics had cast a doubt as to whether this can be the case in long-term and had speculated that Facebook may soon turn to what is popularly termed a ‘Paywall.’ In a Paywall, a user gets to pay for a number of exclusive services which the users of free accounts of that same website can not access.

Now, apparently Facebook is moving towards precisely such a point. With the new ‘highlight feature’, a user can pay $2 to have his status highlighted and promoted in his friend’s feeds. Normally, the more a status has likes or comments, the more it will appear in the friend’s feeds. And if a status lacks them, it will rarely be seen.

But with ‘highlight’ feature, this can change. You can pay a nominal sum and have your status highlighted and promoted by Facebook, even if it is not popular enough. Unfortunately, such a feature may no longer let one discern which are the genuinely popular updates and which are simply paid-hence-promoted status updates.

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Courtesy: Engadget

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