Facebook Rolls Out Embedded Posts To Everyone

Back in July, Facebook rolled out embedded posts for publishers to enable in-format sharing of Facebook content. Now, the social network has rolled out the feature to all users. The feature essentially lets you get specific embed code for Facebook posts and include them on posts elsewhere.

Facebook Embed posts

The ability to embed Facebook posts includes the videos and images posted on the social network. However, if you wish to share any given post through the embed code, it needs to have such privacy settings which allow this.

To be able to get the embed code for any given Facebook post, all you need to do is click the arrow at the top bar of a post. Once you click the arrow, you are presented with two options: ‘Report/mark as spam’ and ‘Embed post.’¬†Clicking on ‘Embed post’ opens up a pop-up window which shows the embed code of the post as well as a quick preview, showing how the post will look like when you embed it elsewhere.

The social network has also tweaked the appearance of these embedded posts. When displayed on a mobile device, larger ‘Like’, ‘Comment’ and ‘Share’ buttons are shown below the post to enable quick interaction.

The feature is certainly great in that it lets you quote or embed any Facebook post together with its very format. In the past, Twitter has offered a similar feature and Facebook’s bid to continue in its footsteps is one of the many instances where the social network has imitated the micro-blogging site.

Source: Facebook


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