Like it or Not, Facebook Will Soon Put Ads In News Feed

It looks like Facebook isn’t happy with how far it has pushed its Sponsored Stories ads and is thinking of doing something about it. The Stories were located to the sidebar Ticker, but from the looks of things, in 2012 (most likely) users are going to be having them into their main news feeds. Reports on the web, indicate that the ads will only appear once per day. But a major bummer consists in the fact that users will not be given the chance to opt them out. The only solution will be to hide them individually as they pop up in the feed. Glorious!

On some level, it’s probably better than the Twitter approach last summer, when the micro-blogging site started flopping Promoted Tweets right in the users’ timelines. But overall, the decision to do so, never seemed to have really affected the company. The same story will probably happen to Facebook. The company said that the ads won’t be included on mobile devices, but it’s highly unlikely they will keep their word.

There’s no official launch date for the adds occupying the News Feed space but Facebook claims that advertisers won’t be given the option to choose their News Feed placement, therefore Sponsored Stories will continue to pop up in other locations of the site as well. The company is still working on the pricing issues as we speak.

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