Facebook Is Able To Store The Status Updates And Messages That You Don’t Share

Undoubtedly, Facebook is now the world’s foremost social network site. It plays host to billions of messages and status updates every month. But lately, it’s been reported that Facebook is able to note down the status updates and messages that you don’t share!

Facebook Notes Down The Status Updates And Messages That You Don’t Share

Sauvik Das, a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon and summer software engineer intern at the Menlo Park social network, and Facebook Data Scientist Adam Kramer have discovered this information. According to them, Facebook use a technique to store such status updates and messages that you typed in, but for some reason you didn’t share/publish that. There’s a code in your browser which enables Facebook to grab all of this data from you.

That means, whatever you write in Facebook and within moments decide to delete that, Facebook, if want, can store those unshared written words somewhere in its server under your name. On the other side, a Facebook rep has mentioned that Facebook “isn’t collecting the text“.

If you want more detail info, check the resource below.

Source: Slate

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