Facebook To Launch The Paper App, A News Reader With Stunning Visuals

Facebook has tried to expand itself beyond the basic, generic mobile apps. These attempts have failed in the past but now the social network may have hit the gold with a new ‘Paper’ app for iOS which will be rolled out on February 3.

Facebook Paper app

‘Paper’ is an intriguing app, to say the least. Think of it as a perfect amalgam of your own news feed, and the news and updates from other sources. All of this information is displayed in what seems like a really cool magazine-like format. You can choose the topics you are interested in and customize the content.

The visual-centric outlook of the app gives it a neat look on a smartphone display. The larger photos and videos are towards the top of the screen while status updates have been pushed to the bottom.

One of the best features in the ‘Paper’ app is that you can pan across a large image simply by tilting your handset left and right. For instance, if you are watching a panoramic image and by default, only a small portion is displaying on the screen, all you need to do is tilt the handset left or right to watch the rest of the image automatically.

As for the content from third parties and people and pages outside of your contacts list, it will be filtered based on your interests and preferences. But it is important to note that this content will be curated by Facebook editors and will show stuff from not only the major sources such as Time, New York Times, but also from up and coming publications and ’emerging voices.’

Source: Facebook
Courtesy: Makeuseof

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