Facebook Updates Data Use Policy To Make It More Understandable

Social networks have been under fire recently because of the poor implementation of user privacy, at instances. Facebook has been actively working to aid the users in guarding their privacy in the best way possible. The social network has now updated its Data Use policy so that the users can understand more clearly what the policy means.

Facebook announced this in a new blog post. According to the blog post, the primary reason for redesigning the Data Use policy is to include the suggestions and feedback received by Facebook from Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s Office.

In essence, Facebook hasn’t introduced anything new in the policy. The new, redesigned policy is merely meant to make the policy more understandable to the common users. That is why Facebook has chose to reword the policy and furnish examples wherever necessary so that the readers can understand how can they guard their privacy online and how far Facebook may and can go in tracking their online activity.

The blog post reads, “We’re adding more examples and detailed explanations to help you understand our policies.  For example, we include additional tips, marked with a light bulb so you can find them easily.  We’ve added new links to our Help Center.  We created a new section explaining how we use “cookies” and similar technologies and updated the corresponding explanations about cookies in our Help Center.”

Currently, the policy is open to feedback and you can submit your feedback through comments at the post until May 18th. Facebook will also host a Q&A video session  on May 14th. You can provide your feedback right here.

Source: Facebook

Courtesy: The Verge

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