Facebook Voice Calling Now Available To All US Users

In the first week of January 2013, social network giant Facebook started testing free voice calls in Canada via its Messenger app. From January 16, the company started testing free voice calls for iPhone users in the US and in March, Canadian Android users got free Voice Calling. And now the good news is Facebook Voice Calling is available to all US users.

Facebook Messenger

To place a free call over Wi-Fi or a cellular connection using Facebook Messenger, both iPhone and Android users just need to tap the “i” button which will be found at the upper right corner of an active chat and then press the “free call” button on the screen.

Free Voice Calling Through Facebook Messenger App

Those who use Chat Head to message friends will be able to start a call by clicking the three dots beside a person’s name (see the image below), opening the conversation in Messenger, and then following the steps as mentioned above. But make sure the person you are calling has the Facebook Messenger app, too. Be noted, users won’t be able to make a Video call through this version of the app. On the other side, Facebook has warned its users that they have to pay for data, but we are not sure exactly how much data a call consumes.

Facebook Voice Calling In Home

However, as the Facebook Voice Calling feature is slowly being rolled out in the US, so don’t worry if it’s not available yet. If you don’t have Facebook Messenger yet, you can easily get it for free. iPhone users just click here and Android users click here.

Source: Techcrunch

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