Instagram Hits 100 Million Active Users Per Month

A lot of hue and cry was raised across the social media when Instagram changed its policy towards user data. The policy proved a huge point of contention and Instagram had to repeatedly dish out explanations about it. Despite all that, the service has continued to grow and has just hit 100 million active monthly users.


After the recent, infamous policy change, many analysts had started speculating that users may stop using Instagram. In fact, certain statistics were also cited to substantiate this possibility. Instagram, as a response, started reporting its active user base so as to thwart any doubts from the hearts of the users and critics alike.

Only five weeks ago, Instagram had reported that its active monthly user base had reached 90 million. And now, within five weeks, another 10 million people have joined the service to take the total toll to a neat 100 million monthly active users.

Naturally, Instagram has seen to it that an official blog post celebrates the occasion. The official blog post elaborates on the long journey that the service has undertaken to reach its present state and has been penned down by Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s co-founder.

By amassing such quick growth, Instagram has proved that for now, it is not going anywhere. The numbers clearly trash all such claims that the service has experienced any decline in the user base recently.

Source: Instagram

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