Facebook Will Soon Launch A Brand New Mobile Advertising Network At The End Of March, 2012

We’re getting reports that Facebook is becoming increasingly greedy. It seems that the giant is now trying to target the mobile world with its brand new ad platform, which is due at the end of March. More to the point, Facebook is contemplating inserting Sponsored Stories – you know the ads the company has already running on the social network per se – to the mobile News Feed. Or at least Bloomberg seems to think so, after talking to two sources very close to the project.

The idea doesn’t sounds crazy, after all. Just think about what Facebook has over other providers of mobile advertising? Accurate targeting, of course. It has become abundantly clear, that Facebook knows more about its users than their friends do. Facebook stores birthdays, interests, friends, location, and religious affiliation among a few things. Knowing all that, the targeting becomes a much easier job, don’t you think? Is this a part of Facebook’s reorganization?

TechCrunch has been pretty adamant to find out the truth regarding the ads going mobile, and asked Brandon McCormick, the person behind Facebook ads, about the potential for mobile news feed Sponsored Stories. But all he did was agree it was an interesting idea to consider. When further pressed, McCormick added that the company is trying to build the mobile experience as well as it can be, and after that the giant will be able to think of ways to make profit. Their first goal is to provide people with a solution that is workable – something that is not annoying, but serves the advertisers’ purposes.

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