Floods Of “I’m Moving to Canada” Tweets: Before & After The US Election

We already know Barack Obama won for the 2nd term as US President. But a lot of people was yelling at Twitter with status like If ____ Win “I’m Moving to Canada”. At some point this status got viral and almost everybody starts tweeting – so-something-someing or I’m Moving to Canada. Here we have a collection of tweets before and after the result.

I’m Moving to Canada

This election was head to head. Both candidate has some great promise, and due to social media this election had become a complete Social Media Election. Candidate connects online also did the voters, they expressed their opinion and expectation in social media site like Twitter, Facebook. There was report bunch of people post their ballot papers instagram photo, people was discussing if its legal or not.

Then comes the flood of Twitter status “I’m Moving to Canada”, somebody will move if Obama wins, somebody if Obama loose. Some people is just making fun.

Here we have a collection of tweets, try to guess which was before the result and which is after the result.




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