Get A Free Timeline Business Card – Facebook Sponsoring First 200,000 Sets

Facebook Timeline has inspired a low of awe and a lot of critique. However, one thing that nearly everyone agrees on is that the Timeline has a really cool look. And now, to make that look very real for you, Facebook is offering 200,000 sets of business cards for free. These will be Timeline Business cards, which means you can promote your Facebook profiles through these business cards. This move by Facebook is to promote the Timeline feature and FB’s new partner,

Although Moo is already providing Facebook Business as one of it’s products, as can be seen in the image above, the first 200,000 sets are free for Facebook users. These are being given away on first-come, first-serve basis. And since Facebook has a total populace of 800 million users, most of these 200,000 sets will be gone within hours. However, if you want to try your luck anyway, here’s how you can apply for a free set of Facebook Timeline Business cards:

Go to your profile page on Facebook. Under your cover-photo, you have a brief profile info and under it is an ‘About’ link. Click on that link. It takes you to ¬†your own details information page ¬†which contains your Work and Education, ‘About you’, Basic info and ‘Contact info’ section. Go to the ‘Contact info’ section. In this section, right next to ‘Contact info’ you will see the icon of a small card. Hover your mouse over it, it will open a small sub-window which gives you the link to apply for free Faacebook Business cards.

Once you click on the link, you are directed to Moo’s official website. On the website, you are given the option to choose two designs for your business cards, each to be printed on 25 cards. You also are given the option of editing the information that will be included on the card as well as the text to print on the back of the card.

One you are done with designing, you check out and have to supply the address information to which the cards are to be shipped. Although the business card designs are extremely cool and the fact that Facebook is handing them out for free is even cooler, you can still get these cards if you miss the 200,000 free sets. Moo is providing them at very affordable rates. You can get 50 such cards for a mere $15, and this price including delivery charges.

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