Survey Reveals 29% Young Adults Regret Social Media Posts

Social media posts have literally become one of the most common tools of expressing one’s thoughts in this digital age. However, not all such posts are well-thought and many are simply a result of impulse. A survey has now found out that 1 in every 4 young adults regrets social media posts.

Social media mistakes

The survey, which was ‘demographically balanced’, included 1,000 American adults and was conducted by It aimed at analyzing the behavior of these adults when interacting over popular social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook etc.

As per the findings of the survey, at least 29% of the respondents aged between 18 and 34 stated that they have made at least one such post which can land them in trouble at the workplace. Another 74% reported that they have removed one or more social media posts in order to avoid any ‘negative reaction’ from a current or prospective employer.

Such adults which belong in the later age bracket, aged between 36 to 64, apparently make such mistakes less frequently and only 36% have reported that they have ever removed a social media post over possible future implications.

The realization that their social media posts may sway their employers, has led a huge number of users to be very conscious about their privacy settings. The survey reveals that 82% of the respondents ‘pay at least some attention to their privacy settings’, a number which is expected to rise as social media presence of individuals becomes increasingly relevant to employers.

Courtesy: Mashable

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