Google Plus About To Undergo A Major Revamp

Google Plus has been around for a while now but it has failed to gain much traction. The search giant now intends to launch a major revamp of the social network, offering some exciting new features. These details were revealed by Google at its recent I/O event.

Google Plus multicolumn

The primary focus of the new design for Google Plus is on a more enhanced visual appeal and a more integrated social experience. Google is equipping the platform with many new tools that make the process of sharing, highlighting and discovering content far more interesting. Given below is a quick recap of some of these features.

Multiple columns of content stream:
Nearly every social network has moved from a rather flat look to a more visual-centric fashion. Google Plus is also undergoing a similar change. Google intends to introduce a redesign which would give, both mobile and desktop users, multiple streams of content to scroll through. These streams will highlight photos and videos which can then be searched through different navigation options.

Discovering content through hashtag:
Twitter can be credited with popularizing the notion of hashtags. Hashtags make it extremely easy for users on the micro-blogging website to discover content on a given topic.

Google Plus hashtags

Google Plus is also enabling the option of filtering the whole plethora of content on your profile with the help of different hashtags.

Photo editing:
Google Plus offers some of the best photo editing tools that are currently available on any social network. You can auto-enhance the colors of a photo, change its color tone and contrast and make a whole lot of other changes to it. Moreover, Google is also pushing forth a new ‘Highlight’ feature. This feature essentially sifts through an entire album and based on the quality of photos and their relevance to your profile, picks a single photo which it deems the ‘best.’

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