Instagram Offers 15-Second Videos, Competes Twitter

A while ago, Twitter allowed users to post brief videos on the micro-blogging site through the use of Vine app. Following in the footsteps, Facebook has played its card by utilizing Instagram. As per the expected recent announcement by the social network, Instagram users can now post 15-second video clips.


The battle is essentially between Facebook and Twitter. Both social networks are trying to offer maximum creative space to their users and allowing the posting of videos is a critical part of this.

Twitter’s Vine app has already gained significant traction and is now available for iOS and Android devices. Instagram, on the other hand, has a huge established user base and Facebook is trying to utilize it well.

For now, the length of the videos that can be posted through the Vine app is a mere six seconds. Users can record brief videos and then play them in a loop, which has resulted in many amazing creations.

Instagram, on the other hand, now allows you to create 15-second videos. Obviously, this means that users have a greater time limit to depict more in their videos. However, the popularity of Twitter has shown that brevity is a highly-treasured virtue in today’s digital world and people tend to keep things brief.

It remains to be seen how the Instagram users react to the option of posting videos and whether this new feature will gain more traction that its counterpart, the Vine app.

Courtesy: Dispatch

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