Kim Dotcom Unveils Baboom, A New Music Streaming Service

After MegaUpload was taken down, it briefly appeared that this was it for Kim Dotcom. But not only has he fought back against his illegal arrest, he continues to create more awesome services. This time, he is gearing up to launch a new music streaming service called Baboom.


We are not sure yet what exactly this new service will be like but given the nature of his other recent ventures such as Mega, we can be sure that Dotcom will be making the whole thing free for the users. Dotcom himself calls this service a mix of Spotify and iTunes.

To an extent, that sounds true especially when you glance at the design and interface of Baboom. It is brilliantly done and packs the looks of a premium streaming service. Interestingly, ever since MegaUpload has gone down, Dotcom has taken a lesson in design philosophy and has been developing new services with far better designs.


As part of Baboom’s launch, Dotcom is making his own music album available on it for free. He believes that ‘artists should make their music available for free, and fans should only pay for it if they really like it.’ So how exactly will the artists earn back from such a service? Possibly through the revenue Baboom may make if it serves its users with ads.

Also, Dotcom has launched a contest where users who make the best remixes of five of his new songs from the album ‘Good Times’ will get a whopping $5000. Moreover, best music videos for each of these five songs will be awarded $10,000 each!

This sure sounds like a stellar start for Dotcom’s new venture and if he is able to sign up a sufficient number of artists, Baboom may just take off. However, he will have to rethink music and come up with a plan which will be rewarding for artists too or the service may not last too long.

Source: Baboom

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