Lawsuit Over Instagram Terms Of Services Dismissed By Judge

A lot of hue and cry was raised over Instagram’s recent change in terms of services. The social media backlash was followed by a class-action lawsuit launched against the service. However, a federal judge has tossed out the case on procedural grounds.


The change that instigated such a disturbance was that Instagram had decided to use the photos of its users without gaining explicit permission from them first. Many saw this as a blatant invasion of user privacy and thousands vowed to leave the service for good.

Lucy Rodriguez filed a class-action lawsuit against Instagram over this. But Judge William Alsup of U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, has now pointed out a number of procedural issues with the application. According to him, the procedural problems arise in the case of plaintiff’s injury as well as about the state of residence.

The plaintiff sought leave to file an amended complaint by taking care of these issues but the judge refused the request. The case didn’t exactly stand much of a chance, given the fact that after the massive social media backlash, the Instagram team was quick to iterate that it was taking back the controversial policy change.

Once the point of contention was no longer there, it didn’t make much sense to pursue the case. Nonetheless, this does indicate that successful social media campaigns over issues have proved more fruitful than successful litigation.

Courtesy: CNET

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