Man Finds And Returns $98,000 In A Desk He Bought For $200 On Craigslist

It is not often that you end up finding $98,000 and muster up the will to return them to their rightful owner. Recently, a Rabbi in Connecticut bought a desk on Craigslist. Inside, he found the sizable fortune which he then returned to the person he had bought the desk from.

Noah Muroff

While purchasing the desk on Craigslist, Noah Muroff ¬†paid less than $200. The desk was meant to be placed at his office, his position being a high school Rabbi at Yeshiva of New Haven. When Muroff tried to have the desk taken through the door of his office, it wouldn’t fit through.

So he and his wife started to dissemble the desk so that they could take it through the door in pieces. It was at this time that Muroff noticed a plastic shopping bag behind one of the drawers. When he opened up the shopping bag, it contained $98,000.

According to Muroff, “Right away, my wife and I sort of looked at each other, and we said, ‘We can’t keep this money.'” So they called up the original owner of the desk who had sold it on Craigslist. The original owner had actually hid her inheritance in a plastic bag and hid it behind the drawer. She had forgotten about it when she sold the desk.

As Muroff and his wife returned the money back to the original owner, she penned down a sentimental letter thanking the duo. In her letter, she wrote, “I can not thank you enough for your honesty and integrity. I do not think there are too many people in this world that would have done what you did by calling me. I do like to believe that there are still good people left in this crazy world we live in. You certainly are one of them.”

Courtesy: Mashable

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