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Social Media Presence is important for every kind of business. If you already have accounts on all the popular Social Media Platforms then it’s good news. You are trying to exploit social media whereas many of your competitors are neglecting the power of social media. But are you monitoring your social media interactions? If you aren’t how can you tell which strategies are working best for you.

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Engagement and Reach

Engagement means the number of likes, shares and comments you get on Social Media Platforms. On the other hand, Reach means the number of people who have seen your Social Media Post on their news feed. Now, for better Social Media Campaign outcome you need to find the right combination of both. However, you do have a direct influence over Reach but not on engagement. Your Social Media Posts can appear on the News Feed on Millions of people.

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You can spend money to make your Social Media Posts appear on potential customers. on Facebook you do it by using the Facebook Page Manager feature and on Twitter you use the Twitter Ad Manager feature. On the other hand, engagement will only happen only when your Social Media Update has something of value to your target segment. If your post has Millions of Reach but very poor Engagement, it won’t be very helpful in making your Social Media Campaign a success.

Follower Growth

Every Social Media Platform lets anyone create their own Accounts. The more the number of followers to your Account the better. If you see a gradual growth to your Social Media Account, that is a good sign. It means people know about you. On the other hand, if you experience a decline in follower numbers, you must be doing something wrong. Either your customers don’t find your product/service of value anymore or you might have pissed them off. A great tool to oversee your Social Media Follower Growth is SproutSocial. This Application helps you find, form and deepen real connections with the people who love your brand.

Most Engaging Time

Good content might be the core of every good Social Media Campaign. The better the wording the better the response. But engagement won’t happen all day on the finest of contents. This means even if you write the best piece of content, there will always be a peak time during which your post gets the majority of the engagement. That peak time tells you a lot about your target demography. Once you know the Peak Time you can roll out your next post in the same time-frame. This increases your chance of better engagement.

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Tag and Mention

Apart from receiving comments on your own Social Media Posts, you can also receive engagement on other posts on the Platform through mentions. Almost every Social Media Platform gives you an Account Handle. That handle can be used to link back to your account on random posts by your followers. You should observe where your followers are mentioning you, that way you get an idea about where and how relevant your product/service is in your followers lives. A great tool to oversee Tag, Mentions is by using Topsy.

Audience Demographics

If you are a global brand, knowing your follower demography is of utmost priority. If you are operating from Asia, but build a strong following in America, then you need to ensure that any content you share through your Social Media Accounts reflects the taste and lifestyle of both the demography segments. However, nowadays you can make posts for a targeted segment and omit it for other demography segments.

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Competitor Analysis

Launching a good social Media Campaign is only the first task. A good and smart Marketing team will also monitor the strategies that their competitors are following. It has all sorts of benefits. Once you know their social media marketing strategy you can modify your future social media campaigns to outperform them. A great tool to analyze your Competitor’s marketing Campaign is by using Social Baker. It is one of the best through tools out there.

Share Counts

Once you share your post from your Social Media Account, it is updated almost instantaneously, reaching millions in seconds. But it soon sinks deep inside the News Feed of your followers by new posts from other pages. One of the ways to make your social media posts afloat is by shares.

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If your followers are sharing your posts on their own, without any incentive, that’s great news. It means your post will stay on the top for a few more days. But the satisfaction of shares should not shift your attention from the important thing, which is share count. Share Count is an important metrics. by evaluating share counts for different posts you can see which ones are working better and why.

Click Rates

One of the most important metrics to evaluate Social Media Platforms is click rates. Although most sales occur through Social Media platforms these days, but a significant amount of it also takes place through Websites.

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And to redirect your followers to a desired page or website you use buttons. A high click rate is good, it means your message wording is effective and it resonates with the needs of your followers. In case you are wondering how you can increase the click rates for your Social Media Campaigns, the first thing you should do is use relevant and engaging images and title.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know the key metrics of social media campaigns, you should be able to produce killer campaigns while your competitors sit scratching their heads wondering what are you doing differently. But here is an advice for you. Even if you monitor these metrics after every post update from your profile, you can’t understand much about your followers unless you do it regularly.

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