Metrics to Measure Success for Social Media Campaign

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Social Media Presence is important for every kind of business. If you already have accounts on all the popular Social Media Platforms then it’s good news. You are trying to exploit social media whereas many of your competitors are neglecting the power of social media. But are you monitoring your social media interactions? If you aren’t how can you tell which strategies are working best for you.

Caprion: Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Engagement and Reach

Engagement means the number of likes, shares and comments you get on Social Media Platforms. On the other hand, Reach means the number of people who have seen your Social Media Post on their news feed. Now, for better Social Media Campaign outcome you need to find the right combination of both. However, you do have a direct influence over Reach but not on engagement. Your Social Media Posts can appear on the News Feed on Millions of people.

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