New Hack Offers ‘Quiet Facebook’ By Hiding The News Feed

Many of us are perpetually overwhelmed and annoyed at the endless flood of information and data that our Facebook News Feed is. A new hack allows you to hide the News Feed altogether, letting you enjoy a quieter Facebook experience.

Facebook News Feed hack

Facebook News Feed, as we know it today, typically consists of updates from friends, promoted posts, posts from the pages we Like, photos, videos and a lot, lot more. It is a flurry of data which sweeps away concentration and many of us either end up spending hours on Facebook each day, or are so overwhelmed that we close that tab and do other things.

But perhaps there is a way of using Facebook in a more balanced manner. This is the philosophy behind a fresh hack by the developer Max Friedrich. It is essentially a browser hack which is able to hide your News Feed and present a stripped-down, calm version of the social network. Of course you can still see the chat and activity panel on the right and other regular buttons to the left.

When Friedrich was asked what inspired him to create such a hack, he responded in this way, “Facebook is an important communication tool to me. Most of my fellow students don’t use iMessage or Twitter DMs, so we talk on Facebook. However, I seem not to be able to just check my messages on Facebook. Instead, I wind up scrolling through the News Feed for a couple of minutes each time I visit Facebook in the browser.”

He has posted the CSS of this hack dubbed ‘Quiet Facebook’ at GitHub. However, the said hack has been developed specifically for Safari users, so we are not sure if it is going to work in other browsers.

Source: GitHub

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