NYC Authorities Partner With Nextdoor Social Network For E-Governance

The New York City government is trying to make use of the digital tools in order to connect the local residents with each other. To that end, the NYC authorities have decided to partner with the start-up, Nextdoor, which already has a focus on connecting neighborhoods.


The idea essentially is to help the neighbors in a locality to connect with each other and share different information. For instance, if a person loses his pet dog, he can log on to his location-specific Nextdoor account and let his other neighbors know of his problem. If someone else finds the dog, he can then post about it on the same thread.

To ensure the security of the residents and their data, a given neighborhood-specific social network will be accessible only to the verified members of the community. Given the rather diverse populace of NYC, a social network like Nextdoor may be very helpful in keeping different neighborhoods connected internally.

According to the Chief Digital Officer of NYC, Rachel Haot, “We have such a large and complex and diverse city that what may apply to one neighborhood may not be a concern in another.¬†With the location-based, secure, private nature of the Nextdoor social network, we’re able to provide [each] neighborhood specific, vital information and updates.”

To ensure the maximum participation of NYC residents and officials, the service will be absolutely free. According to the city authorities, the officials will have no access to the data of the users on these websites.

Courtesy: Crains New York

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