President Obama Should Visit Apple Store To Have The US Government Repaired

Since the US government is still ‘shut down’ due to the deadlock on budgetary details, jokes on the subject continue to crop on. College Humor has now taken its turn on the issue and created a hilarious video about it. The video shows Obama visiting an Apple Store and going to the Genius Bar to have his government ‘fixed.’

President Obama

In the video, Obama walks over to the Genius Bar in Apple Store. He brings out a US-shaped ‘device’ and asks the guy at the Genius Bar if he can fix the government. The guys takes a look at the strange device, tells Obama what a hopeless case it is.

Obama, on the other hand, continues spewing more hilarity by vehemently demanding that he has a warranty on the device. He further claims that he was told by someone in Apple Store that the device would be fixed if it runs into trouble. The guy asks if Obama installed any new programs on it. To this, Mr. President responds that he did install a few custom programs on it but that these programs work perfectly in many European models.

In one final burst of amusement, the guy at Apple Store tweaks the device a little. As a result, it starts displaying Tea Party files, one after the other, denoting that Obama can no longer ‘use’ his government, effectively losing it to right-wing hawks. You can see the entire video, featuring the hilarious conversation, posted below.

Source: College Humor

Courtesy: Mashable


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