Google Decides To Pay Users For Their Unused Google Offers

Google has revealed that it will soon be refunding the unused Google Offers of its customers. The move hints how the search giant intends to take forth its local deals platform.

Google Offers

Google has made a few changes to how Google Offers work. It is probably for this reason that the company is redeeming the past deals that have been unused so that the customers could be drawn to the new deal options.

According to a statement from Google, “Users can now easily discover and save Google Offers in the Maps app, Search, Wallet, and on sites around the Web, without having to purchase them in advance, so we’re refunding previously purchased offers that we believe haven’t been used.”

Formerly, users were required to purchase the deals from local businesses well in advance so that they could be redeemed later. However, now Google has slightly modified this procedure, allowing the customer to acquire digital copies of the offers without paying anything.

These digital copies can then be saved to Google account and then used at a retail location, where one of these offers can be redeemed. At the time of payment, you will automatically be charged for the amount of the deal, thereby ridding you of the requirement of making the payment beforehand.

For such users who have been enjoying Google Offers and have many unused offers, this is an excellent opportunity to be paid back for them and then re-use them following the new procedure.

Courtesy: All Things D

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