Sharing A Lot Of Photos On Facebook May Damage Real-World Relationships

We’ve all come across such folks on Facebook who religiously snap and post photos of their meals, books, rooms, face and many other irrelevant things. Whereas until now, this was considered the normal stupid behavior, a study now suggests that this also hints that the person posting all these images has problems in his real-world relationships.

Facebook photos

This finding was concluded by researchers from three different British universities, including the University West of England, University of Birmingham and the University of Edinburgh. The precise conclusion of these researchers is that posting too many images on Facebook essentially ‘risk damaging real-life relationships.’

There are many aspects to this research. The conclusion, for instance, can be based on the fact that posting too many images is essentially an attempt to seek the same attention which an individual doesn’t receive in real life. Alternatively, it  could also mean that an individual starts taking his digital social life a little too seriously and neglects real-life relationships along the way.

However, the conclusion is dependent on who exactly the frequently posted images are being shared with. For instance, if they are shared only with close friends, this may help strengthen real-life relationships.

There is also the point of individuals’ sharing photos from a specific page. This has a specific affect on each of their friends and some may not find it very charming. The report cites a particular case, “While benefiting brand awareness and critical mass of a Facebook fan page for a brand, organization or cause, sharing photographs may be harmful to those asked to participate.”

Courtesy: CNET

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