Study Says People Are Beginning To Get Over Facebook

Over the past few years, Facebook has emerged as the undisputed king of the online social media. The social network has risen from nothing to amass nearly a billion years today and is integral to the lives of most internet users. However, a number of Australians are starting to get over the Facebook fever.

Facebook is certainly a great way of networking with your friends and contacts and to stay in touch with them. However, the social network has increasingly become an addiction for a lot of users. Many spend hours on the website daily, sharing images, updating statuses and looking up new updates on their News Feed.

However, this has affected the productivity of the users. Wasting hours on Facebook alone leaves them little time to attend to other tasks. And, Australian users are increasingly cognizant of this bitter reality. This was revealed in a recent survey conducted on 753 Australian Facebook users.

About 31% of the surveyed users stated that they felt they spent too much time on Facebook, whereas another 43% are considering shutting down their accounts altogether to get over it. The realization shows that at least users are concerned about the sheer number of hours they spend on Facebook.

Does this mean that Facebook is going to start losing users soon? That is not likely. But this marks a new trend among the users, that of a more educated and informed use of Facebook. Perhaps over time, users will learn to spend less time on Facebook which may, in turn, reduce the popularity of the social network. But something like that still remains far in the future.

Source: The University of Sydney

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