StumbleUpon Takes A Redesign Lesson From Pinterest

StumbleUpon has been among the top destinations of content-sharing and aggregating audience on the internet. The website has been looking forth to a redesign, much along the lines of Pinterest’s interface. Now, it has rolled out the redesign to all 25 million of its users.

StumbleUpon redesign

In the past, StumbleUpon has tried its hands at redesigning the looks of the site. For instance, towards the end of 2011, the website rolled out a major redesign which failed to capture the hearts of its users and eventually proved to be a dismal failure.

That, apparently, didn’t discourage the folks behind the website who later launched a beta redesign in September this year. Initially, the redesign was an opt-in only feature and looked a lot like the grid-like interface of Pinterest. The website claims that 100,000 users chose to opt in during the beta phase which was sufficient to show its viability.

So, the website has now rolled out the redesign to all 25 million of its users. In the new design, the home page shows a grid of the content that is based on the user’s interests as well as the popular posts. The user can then choose to share or comment on any of these posts.

The website has also rolled out a new feature called ‘StumbleDNA.’ This feature provides each user with a unique identity based on the very content he or she likes on StumbleUpon. Naturally, for the content-savvy audience, this feature can be quite interesting in that it allows them to curate their own identity out of the very content they share.

However, whether or not this new redesign by StumbleUpon is going to be a hit with its users still remains to be seen. Meanwhile, you can check out the video below to discern the new feature of the redesign:

Source: StumbleUpon

Courtesy: The Verge

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