Bangladeshi Student Commits Suicide After Posting A Status On Facebook

It seems like social medias such as Facebook, Twitter are becoming a way of people to inform others about their awaiting death or suicide. Earlier we reported that a man had posted on Facebook ‘I’m about to get shot’ and gets shot immediately. However lately, we have come to know that a university student of  Bangladesh, before committing suicide under a train, posted a status on Facebook and for the time being, such suicide note has turned into one of the talked of the topics of Bangladesh.

Suicide Note Of Mahbub Shaheen

Suicide is a long term social issue of Bangladesh. Each year, around 2.06% Bangladeshis commit suicide. Sometimes, the reason behind committing suicide is related to love, while sometimes its absolutely absurd. But in the case of Mahbub Shaheen, it’s really critical to identify, what was the reason of his committing suicide.

Mahbub Shaheen was a student of Dhaka University. Dhaka University is simply the best university among the rest of the universities of Bangladesh. However, on June 2, 2014, at 7:08 pm, Shaheen posted the following suicide note on his Facebook wall:

Friends, I am going to commit a crime on my family, against law & order. And against religious value too.
I am lying on Rail Line. The Train is coming. And I am going to kick out bloody myself, the useless eater.
Once I’ve posted a comment “I should leave” then after I posted “I have to leave”. Some of you asked me – “From where & where will you go?”
I don’t know where I am going. But I am leaving. Leaving useless myself forever.
Good bye, good bye forever.
Almighty Allah bless you all.

So far we have come to know that Shaheen was supposed to reach Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, by a train by that evening. But instead of his arrival, his death note arrived to others via Facebook. After seeing such notification on Facebook, Shaheen’s friends tried to locate him, but they neither could find him nor could reach him over his phone. But few hours later, someone confirmed that Shaheen’s body was found near Kamalapur Railway Station, Dhaka.

Although at present there’s no way to know why Shaheen has committed suicide, but through his statuses posted on Facebook before June 2, it is confirmed that he was frustrated. On June 1, before the day of committing suicide, Shaheen posted the following on Facebook:

Frustration Of Mahbub Shaheen

That’s not all. His old statuses show that he had been very much upset for few months. He posted 3 different statuses – “I have to leave…“, “I should leave…” and “At last I realise that I am USELESS.” on April 5, March 17, February 28, respectively.

Hints For Committing Suicide Of Mahbub Shaheen

This clearly shows that Bangladesh desperately needs an effective suicide prevention hotline to act quickly and save people like Shaheen. What we can do now for Shaheen is ‘pray’ for him to ‘Almighty’. May the Almighty rests Shaheen in peace.


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