Zynga Files Trademark Infringement Suit Against Bang With Friends

Bang With Friends is a popular app which lets users find such friends who are interested in hooking up just for some ‘fun’. The Facebook app received pretty good coverage since its launch. Now, Zynga has launched a lawsuit against the company over the use of ‘With Friends’ phrase in the name, claiming it to be a trademark infringement.

Bang with friends

Zynga is the company that is credited with leading the arena of social gaming in its early days. The company used the ‘with friends’ phrase in every other game it launched, most of them based entirely on Facebook.

So now that the ‘Bang with friends’ app is making use of the same phrase, Zynga has risen in revolt. Only trademark experts could reveal how valid Zynga’s argument is, but it seems a tad bit childish to fight over the use of a phrase. Besides ‘with friends’ is such a generic phrase that we’re sure dozens of companies around the globe already make use of it.

The lawsuit was launched by Zynga in a California district court. Bang With Friends team, on the other hand, has received a copy of the lawsuit claim against them and according to the company’s co-founder, they’re weighing the allegations that have been made against them by Zynga.

The lawsuit comes after a few rounds of talks between the two companies which apparently could not succeed. Zynga is of the opinion that Bang With Friends team was not serious in settling right from the start and that they agreed for the talks only to buy more time.

Courtesy: Techspot

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