Technology Makes Earthquake Warnings More Timely And Accessible

Tokyo is situated right above one of the most active seismic sites. Earthquakes keep jolting the city, ranging in their strength from weak to mild to fairly strong. Now, thanks to technology, citizens are able to stay abreast with earthquakes updates, both warnings and real-time discussions.

Earthquake alert

One of the most popular pieces of technology that has helped Tokyo residents cope with real-time earthquake alerts is the Yurekuru Call. It is a very popular app which gives our siren-like sound to warn about any upcoming earthquakes.

Most of the times, the warning is only a few seconds in advance of the actual quake. But then, more often thaল not, a few seconds are all that stand between life and death in the wake of natural catastrophes. These few, precious seconds are enough to alert the users to get to somewhere safe, or at least relatively safe, before the earthquake hits.

Not only that, Twitter users hailing from Tokyo, and Japan at large, dish out breaking news, updates and real-time information about any possible earthquakes, making it easier for people to keep track of a possible safety hazard. Twitter has proved an even more reliable source as compared to the famed Yurekuru Call. But Twitter may not always be reliable.

To be sure of any earthquake updates gathered on Twitter, users often cross-match them with the tweets from other sources such as newspapers, TV channels so as to affirm their veracity. In this way, technology has turned out be an excellent tool with which residents of Tokyo, in particular, are able to face earthquakes and possibly save them against the dangerous ones.

Courtesy: The Verge

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