French Twitter Users Can Soon Transfer Money With A Tweet

Twitter is more or less used as a platform for people to share their thoughts and for companies to make announcements. Now the platform has gone into a new level in France. Lately, it’s been reported that a Twitter user will soon be able to send money directly to other users, if he/she lives in France.

Send Money Directly Via Twitter

According to the report of Reuters, Twitter has partnered up with Groupe BPCE, France’s second largest bank. It differs from Twitter’s Buy Now, which lets users to pay for goods at companies like Home Depot and Burberry using an embedded “Pay” button. Now the company is planning to allow Twitter users in France to send money to one another via tweets. To help facilitate this, Twitter will allegedly be integrated into the bank’s S-Money service which currently allows users to transfer money to other users via a text message, regardless of their banks.

Now it’s unclear if Twitter is deploying this service in France only or in other countries too. But both companies are expected to detail the new service soon. So it will definitely be something worth keeping an eye out for.

Source: Reuters
Thanks To: BPCE

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