Twitter Adds Photo Results, Recent Queries To Search

Twitter has a knack of dishing out regular updates, bringing better and new features to the users of the micro-blogging site. Now, the company has upgraded the search feature on the site, adding photo results to it and letting users see their recent search queries.

Twitter search

Until now, users were provided with the option of watching relevant images when searching for any given query. However, these images weren’t displayed in a streamlined fashion.

With the new update, users can see all the relevant images under a ‘Photos’ tab to the left of the page, when viewing the results of a search query. Once you click on the tab, all the relevant images are displayed in a grid-like fashion, letting you view the content with perfect ease.

Moreover, Twitter now displays information about ‘Recent Searches’ and ‘Saved Searchers’ when you hover the cursor above the search tab. This can be very helpful if you want to go back to a recent search you made on the site.

Apart from the new features added to the Search functionality, Twitter has also tweaked the ‘Who to follow’ section. Thanks to the tweaks, the section now coughs up such suggested accounts which are more relevant to a given user, in view of his social circle. These changes aren’t exactly huge and don’t affect the overall user experience in a significant manner, but they are still a useful addition.

Source: Twitter
Courtesy: Engadget

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