Twitter CEO Compares The Network To A Modern Town Square

Over the recent years, Twitter has emerged as the key platform where conversations about major happening events occur in real-time. The CEO of the company, Dick Costolo, has termed the micro-blogging site as the modern-day global town square.

Dick Costolo

During the course of his interview at the AllThingsD D11 conference, Costolo stated that users are a critical part of moderating this ‘town square.’ He was of the view that Twitter, itself, can play only a limited role in ensuring the security of the platform; and that, the onus of keeping the conversations right lies with the users.

In his own words, “I think the beauty of Twitter today is when those rumors surface, the crowd is doing a good job of sorting out what is real and what is rumor. It is minutes later that people will say that’s not true.”

The micro-blogging website is often used to launch different rumors, many of which turn out to be false. However, as Costolo says, most of these rumors are quickly debunked as the users point out their inaccuracy in real-time.

Costolo further stated that the position of Twitter is that of being a complimentary platform for news organizations. While the news organizations still churn out the latest updates and breaking news, it is Twitter where the most varied and active conversations about these updates happen.

Speaking about the security of the platform, Costolo said that Twitter has an entire team which strives to ensure that nefarious individuals such as hackers are not able to access user accounts.

Courtesy: ABC News

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