YouTube For iOS Updated, You Can Share And Like Playlists Now

Google has finally updated YouTube for iOS to include a number of useful new features. These include the ability to share and like playlists as well as respond to the comments more interactively.

YouTube for iOS

The update brings many new features to the app. For instance, you can now continue watching a video while searching for another. Before the update, as soon as you hit the search button, any currently streaming video would pause. This functionality is pretty much like what Grooveshark has been using for quite some time now.

You can also look up playlists and select all the contents of a given playlist. This means that you wouldn’t have to select individual pieces of content contained in the playlist and rather, play it all at once.

For those who have a knack of posting content to YouTube often, the improvements in the comments section are very useful. You can now see which comments are shared privately and which are publicly visible to all. You can also reply to comments instantly and delete your own comments at any time.

The update also makes content discovery easier by letting you access a ‘watch later’ list and instantly subscribe to all your favorite channels. Videos now come with social media sharing options, allowing you share your favorite content across your social networks.

You can download the updated YouTube for iOS app from iTunes Store here.

Source: Apple

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