Twitter Celebrates Its 8th Birthday, Showing People’s First Tweet

If you are a Twitter user, then can you remember what was your first tweet? Well, if you’ve joined recently, then most probably you could remember that or else, I’m sure, you can’t recall your first tweet. However, to celebrate its 8th birthday, Twitter has launched a new tool that’ll help you find your first tweet.

Recall First Tweet

To celebrate your #FirstTweet, what you have to do is type in your @username in the search box and it spits out your first-ever tweet in its full, date-stamped glory — typos, clever witticisms, clumsy hashtags and all. The best part of this tool is you can also look up the first tweet of any other user in the same way. Here’s the very first tweet of The Tech Journal.

First Tweet Of TTJ

First Tweet Of TTJ

Here are some of the first tweets of others. Have a look.

First Tweet Of Barack Obama
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