Twitter Makes Discover Feature More Relevant By Adding Social Signals

Twitter’s Discover feature has been quite useful for a lot of users. It helps a user keeps tabs on relevant topics, or at least such topics which Twitter thinks may be relevant to a user. Now, the micro-blogging website is updating the feature to make it even more relevant. Read further to find out how.

According to a new blog post written by Twitter Vice President Satya Patel, ‘Starting today, the Discover tab will begin to surface content that is even more personalized and meaningful to you. We’ve incorporated additional personalization signals to select Discover stories, including Tweets that are popular among the people you follow and the folks they follow.’

This essentially means that from now on, the content you find under the ‘Discover’ tab will be much more related to what you tweet about and what you wish to read about. In a way, Twitter has improved the accuracy of the feature to correctly gauge your interests and bring up content related to that.

Patel goes on to write in the post, ‘You can click “View Tweets” on any story to see popular Tweets from your network or recent, relevant Tweets directly below the story summary. This social context helps you understand why each story matters to you and makes it easier to join the conversation. You can reply, retweet or favorite these Tweets, or you can “Tweet this story” to share your own perspective.’

This all new, and redesigned, Discover feature will land the website in the coming weeks and will then reach the Android and iPhone apps of Twitter. And it will definitely improve the experience of tweeting.

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