Twitter Raises A Storm Over Steve Ballmer Using An iPhone

The former CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, has been at the heart of a mini Twitter storm recently. A fake account with his name apparently sent out a tweet from an iPhone. And that didn’t sit well with the Windows Phone camp.

Steve Ballmer

Ballmer currently owns 4% of Microsoft’s stock and has been with the company a long time, serving in many central positions. Eventually, he had a long sting as CEO at the company and overlooked the creation of the Windows 8 as well as the Windows Phone platform.

Naturally, if after all this, Ballmer goes on to use an iPhone, some will decry a hint of being betrayed. It is essentially a violation of the same code which makes Bill Gates prefer Microsoft products and persuades Steve Jobs that Apple products are the best. So when a tiny text below a new Twitter account handled @MicrosoftSteve mentioned ‘Twitter for iPhone’, a portion of the web exploded into a frenzied conversation.

In one of the tweets sent out by the account mentioned above, a selfie of Steve Ballmer was posted. It seemed that someone was trying hard to prove that Ballmer was actually the person behind the account. Later developments, however, indicated that the story was otherwise.

Twitter has currently suspended the account which usually happens in the case of fake accounts impersonating someone else. So at this point, it is safe to assume that the whole storm-in-the-teacup has been merely a scammer’s attempt to either gain attention or bring disgrace to Ballmer.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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