Twitter Set To Acquire 2 Billion Users

Popular micro-blogging site Twitter has over 140 million active users as of 2012. It is handling over 340 millions tweets and over 1.6 billion search queries per day. But Twitter management is not content with the number, they are hungry for more. Recently Twitter’s Vice President Satya Patel has declared that they want to acquire 2 billion users though he have not mentioned a specific time frame. Before acquiring 2 billion users Twitter want to achieve 200 million active users by August 2012.


Satya Patel said “Everything we are doing is oriented around getting to 2 billion users.” He knows how to achieve it and what is success. He said “Success is if everybody in the world wakes up and checks Twitter.”

If we rewind our memory, this type of target is not new for Twitter management.  In 2010 Twitter co-founder Evan Williams said, “Twitter will get to a billion members.” but till now the total number of active users of Twitter is 140 million. In 2010 Twitter had more than 165 million registered users and the users sent more than 100 million tweets daily. Its rank was third among social-networking sites, then Facebook was one, and Windows Live Profile was second.

Twitter is not yet been able to touch their previous target of 1 billion users. Now it seems over speculation of their ability is inducing them to announce the new target of 2 billion users. Though it is true that the availability of mobile internet and the trend of opening multiple accounts by the users may contribute in reaching the new target.

Source: CNET

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