Twitter’s New Profiles Finally Available For Everyone, Gets Yours Now

We have been reporting about a redesign of the Twitter Profiles. After a beta rollout to a limited number of viewers, Twitter has finally made the new Profiles available for everyone. To activate your new profile, read the instructions below.

Twitter Profile Of Asif2BD

The new profiles look a lot like what we’ve seen on Facebook. It includes a huge cover photo, a shift of your display picture from the middle of the top space to a side and a more detailed summary of your profile added to the top. It is certainly far more elaborate and customizable.

Another interesting feature of the new profiles is that your popular tweets are enlarged so that as you or someone else scrolls through the Profile page, the more interactive tweets stand out instantly. Right under the cover photo, the new profiles page displays your number of tweets, photos/videos, followers, following and favorites.

Your brief Twitter bio has been pushed under the DP on the left side of the cover photo. In all, the changes are fairly practical and useful. And the best part is that they do okay on the aesthetic front. So our bet is that the new Twitter Profiles are going to be a popular change.

These new profile looks are finally available for all Twitter users. You can review and activate yours by going to this page: Here, you will be shown a sample profile with all the new changes. If you like it, hit the ‘Get It Now’ button on the page. It will route you to your new Profile page. You can preview it and if you like what you see, you can activate it once and for all.

Source: Twitter

Courtesy: Mashable

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