Yahoo Looking to Extend Facebook Integration to 26 New Products

Of all unlikely partnerships in the world – we had to witness this: Yahoo seems to be chasing after Facebook’s tail, or after Facebook’s success more likely. First, it was Facebook being nice and allowing users to share all their activities on Yahoo’s websites. Things started going very well , and Yahoo was seeing 1 million shares and 500,000 referrals a day to its U.S. new site.

And obviously, Yahoo now wants to expand the integration of Facebook’s Frictionless Sharing system to an additional 26 sites like OMG, Music, Movies and Games. Yahoo! has now a notification system which spreads across all its US sites. So, if you get replies to your comments, you will get a notification. Yahoo! created a whole department dedicated to this idea.

The head of social and personalization Mike Kerns said that this change could increase the way people feel connected to Yahoo!, as well as increase traffic. So who’s making the most traffic you might wonder. Well let’s see, 13 million users, most under the age of 35 use Yahoo! News US Facebook integration since it was launched. This had a huge impact over Facebook’s referral traffic, as it tripled over night. Kerns also added that Yahoo! and Spotify are now officially Facebook’s largest Open Graph sharing partners.

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