Tocomail: A Safe And Easy Email Service For Kids

Kids are very different from adults, not only in the way where they perceive things, but also at how they use things, too. For example: lend your precious iPad to a toddler and you might get it back with full of scratches all over the place. However, there are many kids who don’t know how to avoid online predators when using services such as email. But Tocomail is a safe and easy email service specially made for kids.


Tocomail was founded last year by Dennis Bolgov and Pavel Istomin. One day, his 7 years old son Michael asked him for his own email account and at then Bolgov came up with the idea for a kids’ email application. As a result, the two friends built Tocomail.

Tocomail is an app for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and the Web. It offers parental controls that allow mom and/or dad to designate who the child is able to email using Tocomail, and who they can accept email from in return. It has been designed to make life easier for your little ones to remain in contact with friends and family across popular platforms.

Bolgov said, “I agreed that everyone today needs an email account. But after a lot of research, I realized that there was nothing out there that satisfied all of these requirements, so Pavel and I decided to create Tocomail.”

Parents can download Tocomail for free from the App Store or via the official website. The free version comes with a basic set of parental controls which will feature a safe list of contacts that their little ones can communicate with. But if parents pay $29.99 annual fee (or $2.99 monthly fee) for the premium version, they will get advanced parental controls that will include a quarantine box, profanity filter and enhanced contact list.

Source: Tocomail

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