Toshiba Refuses To Let Laptop Manual Site Host Its Manuals

Laptop manuals are really hard to find on the web and it may takes you hours of search to get to the one for the exact model you use. To resolve this problem, a person developed a page ‘Tim’s laptop service manuals’ to try and put all or most laptop manuals in one place. Sadly, Toshiba hasn’t taken kindly to his effort.

Toshiba laptops

Tim has been able to put together a huge number of manuals from a number of vendors, including Sony, Dell, HP, Acer, Apple, BenQ and others. The page formerly contained a number of manuals for laptops of Toshiba make.

However, as illogical as it may sound, Toshiba seems to think that Tim is infringing the company’s copyrighted material. Tim, on the other hand, does not charge anything for letting the users download these manuals neither does he have any ads on his website to earn revenue through the traffic. Besides, you can get the manuals for free from Toshiba authorized dealers anyway.

Tim cites the correspondence between him and Toshiba officials in the following words, “Since I was first contacted by Toshiba Australia’s legal department, I have been attempting to discuss with them the potential for me to continue to share their laptop service manuals on my site. Their flat and final response was “You do not have permission [to disseminate Toshiba copyright material] nor will it be granted to you in the foreseeable future.” As a result, all Toshiba material that was on my website is now gone, permanently.”

The best part is that Tim’s post has gained a lot of traction on Reddit and users have flocked to his website, showing support and saying that in retaliation, they won’t be purchasing any more Toshiba products. One hopes that such backlash discourages mainstream vendors from guarding their copyright material so greedily.

Source: Tim

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