UK Decides To Block Online Pornography By Default

The UK government has come out with an elaborate directive which will effectively block online porn by default. Any users who wish to access porn will have to ask their service provider to deactivate the filter. Moreover, any such pornographic material which depicts rape would be deemed illegal.


These directives from the UK government have come after a long deliberation by all stakeholders. The authorities have been holding meetings with internet service providers and trying to devise a mechanism to curb porn.

The policy that it has finally resulted in calls for immediate filtering of pornographic material over nearly all internet connections around the country. Users who wish to access porn will have to contact their ISP and have the filter removed from their connection.

To kickstart the measure, the ISPs will ask all their users about their preferences towards the pornographic filter. As for any such users who don’t respond within a set period of time, the filter will be activated on their connections. Nearly all major ISPs are on board with the UK government on this policy change which means that we may soon see it go into effect all over the country.

Other changes in policy towards online content include the application of same restrictions to online streaming videos as are applicable to content sold in shops. Moreover, online search engine will filter out any such content which depicts rape in any of the pornography, since that has been deemed illegal now. A close eye will be kept on closed networks too, in order to root out any and all child pornography materials.

Source: BBC

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